hello i want to write a programme that creates (lets say) 700 folders and numbers the from 1 to 700 and if its possible to take contents from a txt file to put after the number...
if anyone can help me get started it would be gr8 i just never changed a file/folder name from a programme
thanks in advance :)

Do you have to do it in C?

Because it's like a 5 minute job and a handful of lines of code in say Perl.

i only know C but if you can direct me to a site or something that explains what Perl is or how to create a programme like this in it it would help me a lot :)
thank you

Out the door, two doors down, on the left
You'll find DW's very own perl forum.

But to whet your appetite, read from a file, or stdin, and create directories

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
while ( <> ) {
  mkdir $_;
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