Can anyone help me make an inventory program in c++??,.My task is to create an inventory program that reads from a file and then allows the user to manipulate the data and overwrite the file. I'm a total beginner when it comes to c++ so please use simple codes!

Yes, we can HELP you but we will not write it for you. You have to write the program then post questions about what you don't understand.

I believe the first thing you need to do is design the contents of the data file. What data do you want to save and in what format. Then you can begin designing the program -- what menus do you want, do you want to use structures of c++ classes to hold the inventory data. What data items will they contain (normally the same as in the data file). What questions do you want to ask the user? How will the user enter the data?

You need to think about all these things before writing even one line of code. Write them down on paper (or Notepad) to make the design easier and clearer in your head.

actually all i want is to let the inventory display all the items sold. I tried to use 2 functions 1 for buying an item and 1 for the inventory. The problem is how could I save the name of the items sold without removing the previous ones..??.,.:?:

I'm not asking for the whole code,I just need to know what type codes i need to use..