I'm trying to display a large amount of data in a grid (~26,000 cells) under C#/VS2005. I'm looking for a fast display vehicle. I had been using SourceGrid. However, the basic grid was too slow. I switched to SourceGrid/ArrayGrid which is fast. However, I can't figure out how to write the headers.

I tried VS2005 DataGridView, but that's too slow.

I am hoping to find a grid object in VS2005 that is lightweight and fast. I'm looking for something with fixed header rows and columns, and scrollbars. Does this exist as part of VS2005? Is there something else out there (like SourceGrid/ArrayGrid) that would do the trick?


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Is there any reason why you cant page the data so it displays in say 25-50 line chunks? That always helps speed, it also assists when you are retrieving huge quantities from a db etc


You are correct - I could page through the data. That adds a significant level of complexity I'm hoping to avoid.

I'm processing real-time measurement data and need to be able to present it to the user as it comes in. Of course, a user can't look at more than a small portion of the data at a time, but I need to be able to show any part of the data at any given time (marketing driven requirements).

I'm not accessing a database and I know that's not typical for grid objects. Data comes in from a measurement, I perform some number crunching on it, and I need to be able to present the results in a grid. The data are in memory, so there's no need for a database-type connection.

The SourceGrid/ArrayGrid is fast enough to keep up with what I'm trying to do, so I know it's possible to perform the grid update quickly. The database/grid objects seem to have many more bells and whistles than I need and consequently are too slow.

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That's where I'm totally lost. I can see creating the array and then binding to the ArrayGrid as follows -

System.Array array = Array.CreateInstance(type, int.Parse(txtRows.Text),
arrayGrid.DataSource = array;

I can't find anything there to show how to set the headers. Also, I need to be able to update the headers over time.

Thanks for your help,

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