Hi ,

As posted on a previous tread , i am very new to this whole programming thing...(just starting out)

I am trying to write a small program to copy folders and every thing in it to a different location? The Platform is Wince .net (4.2 embedded). I can create folders with the Dos mkdir command, but i seem to be stuck after that.....

copyfile would copy separate files, but i don't want to name all the files and the folders, i want to backup all the information in a specific location to another.

The program needs to run silent with no input from the user.

I know this might be a bit above my fireplace at the moment, thus i am asking for help and mentorship.

Many Thanks

Thanks for the info... but i now have a different problem... i need to call on touchcalibrate as it is a PND with no keyboard, and my coding seems to be poor.

Copy Code

BOOL WINAPI TouchCalibrate(void);
is what envokes the calibration utility, but i seem to get fatal error 1010 with embedded Visual C++ 4.0 when i include pwinuser.h and sometimes it does not find it...

Any help?

Look at MSDN and it will tell you what header file and library you need for that function. All you had to do was search google for that function and the link appeared as the very first link. Took me all of about 10 seconds to find it.