Hi All,

I have developed an application in Python and the UI is developed in BOA constructor. I have placed a gauge(Progress Bar) on the frame to let user know much of processing is done. With my observation, I have noticed that the application takes about 50 seconds to complete the entire processing. I want the Progress bar to automatically increment along with the time taken for processing. What I mean is that: Progress bar value should be set to 0 at the start, 25% when the processing is 1/4th done , 50% at half stage and so on. Finally it should be set to 100% at the completion.
I don’t want to set the increment manually at various places in my code.
Is this possible?. Can someone give a sample code where it takes the code takes into account the prosessing time and increments the progress bar?
Any help is much appreciated!!!


Have you had a look at the wx.ProgressBar? Becuase in the Docs and Demos they show a way to do just that. You might have to decipher the un-needed code though.

Boa constructor? Is project living? I thought the IDE is dead!
Anyway, Paul's advice is best. Just play around it and post any difficulty you get IMHO

Thanks for all the help guys... Your suggestions really helped me.....
The GUI is looking fantastic now!!!

Thanks again!!