The task is i have a folder which has some text files
i need to write a shell script which takes this folder as input and in the out put it should give
me the filenames,lastmodified date,and the lastline in each particular file
help me asap

'ls' and 'tail'

hey i have written the following code can any of u assure me that it works perfect

# !/bin/bash
echo -n "Enter Your Folder With Full Path : "
read path
cd $path
ls -c -lt | more
tail -1 *.*

Did you test it?

Just from a quick look I can tell you that unless $User inputs an absolute path or whatever your looking for is in your dir it will error out there also I dont think it is a good idea to call that var $path unless what you have posted is pseudo code. Lastly I think the tail command might need tweaking