I am looking for a code that will read the data from the SPD eeprom like memory type, speed etc. unfortunatly the wmi has no data on these items.
I already downloaded some code from vbfrance but it does not work.
Any help / hint / code will be appreciated.


Well give you have some code, in what way does it not work?

It is vb6 code that uses xpio.sys to access protected memory.
The first step I try to list PCI devices ....
I init and call some more function, then I call :
apiOpenService(hSCM, mvarServiceName, SERVICE_QUERY_STATUS Or SERVICE_START Or SERVICE_STOP Or DELETE) the call succeded !!

Then I call to Function apiStartService Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "StartServiceA" (ByVal hService As Long, ByVal dwNumServiceArgs As Long, ByVal lpServiceArgVectors As Long) As Long

The call to apiStartService(hService, 0, 0)
where hService = 2089992
results false and Err.LastDllError = 5

from that point the app stops.
I tried it on several PCs


Well its telling you access denied (as you could find by following the error codes)

Thanks for the reply,

Actually I do not understand why:
1. I run it as Administrator.
2. I run several utilities that do the same, and succeed to read the data.


You're starting a service, what does the service run as? are you running vista?

I have no idea on your first question
I run it on XP

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