I just started using Netbeans and, well, found it quite interesting. I've been working with Java but not fully with JFrames and stuff like that. What I want to know from anyone who has worked with Netbeans, how do I make a label fit within a sizeable JFrame, where the frame must not automatically accommodate itself for the label or any other text object for that matter. What I mean to say is, you know how in Visual Basic, when you typing a long line of text and it comes to three maybe four lines, instead of being just one very long line of text. I actually want this object, which is JLabel, JRadioButton and JCheckBox for now, to overlap to more than one line. Anyone knows how I can do that. I tried to see what I can get from the Properties box but not very lucky. I can't even set the size I want for an object, maybe I'm not doing it right, or perhaps its called something else.


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