i have developed an MFC sdi application ( C++ ),
when i deploy this application in another machine
the Grid component is not showing up in the UI.
The Grid which is used is MSFLEXGRID version 6.0.
But i found that when i install VS2005 on the machine
which i deployed then the Grid comes up.
all the dll's which my exe is reffering to is present,
I also tried to register the msflxgrd.ocx file in the machine
tat i deployed the exe, also adding it to C:\windows\system32.
None of this solved the issue. Plz help.

The grid comes up only when i install VS2005,
Flex grid is : Microsoft flexgrid version 6.0


Hi thanks for the reply,

i cant change the settings of the system where i deploy the exe.
what ever i have to do i have to do it programatically.
Adding the dependent dll's in system 32 can be done programatically,
but i have to know wat exaclty it the problem. ie which dll it depends upon

Write an installer which will copy required dlls to appropriate directories.