Hello, I am new to C++ and am not currently in a class teaching it. I am wondering well, basically, WHAT OpenGL is, how to operate it, a direct link of how to get it, and maybe some example code of where to get it?

If someone could tell me where to go.what to do that would be great.

I am looking to maybe develop a 3D MMO in C++ over the next 3 years of high school and maybe further on.

I am currently only wondering how to do the graphics; the server operation can come in later.

Any help?

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>>I am new to C++ and am not currently in a class teaching it
OpenGL requires at least a basic understanding of c++. So if you don't have that then wait until you have completed a couple semesters of c++ or read/studied the textbook. No one here is even going to attempt ot explain OpenGL to you when you don't even know how to write a Hello World c++ program.


I know the basics....Come on dude I wouldn't be asking if I didn't know the basics. I can learn without a class.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
cout << "Hello, world!\n";
return 0;
etc.etc. Can someone link me to a place to OpenGL dl's? Maybe code examples, thx


I can, but not very effeciently, lol. Any trusty links?

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