Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to use LabVIEW for pattern recognition to find the angle of a product using one version of the hough transform for circles. I'm having a problem and I'll do my best to explain it.

I have my code working for all test images (or at least outputting something) and I have yet to see it crash on any of theses TIFFs. The problem is that once I get it into code that captures the image from a camera it all falls apart and the c code seems to crash LabVIEW. The program will stop responding and the only way to get out of it is to completely shut down LabVIEW. It almost seems that there is an infinite loop somwhere in my code, but I have no idea where, and it worked on the 150+ test images that were captured previously and saved to file.

Any ideas?


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Well, a little counter-question:
I have my code working for all test data sets. Suddenly yesterday (or this evening) it was crashed. It seems it does not work properly. Any ideas?
Can you help me?..

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