I use Turbo C++ explorer
i need to get file name from a TFileListBox
which is an AnsiString, and use it in CreateProcess
but CreateProcess Requires an "LPCTSTR" or "LPTSTR"
I would like to convert the ansistring to LPTSTR

Please help
thankx in advance


Also "LPCTSTR" or "LPTSTR" Looks like 'Long Pointer (const) to String' and 'Long Pointer to String'

Since CreateProcess is defined in windows.h, I'd assume that STR is referring to a char*, or c-style string.

You could create your own custom method for converting an AnsiString into a c_string--

Something along the lines of this--

#include <iostream>
#include <SysUtils.hpp>

using std::cin;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
using std::flush;
using std::size_t;

const char* extractCString(const AnsiString&);

int main(){

    AnsiString temp ("Testing...");
    const char* myCString = extractCString(temp); // convert temp into a c_string
    delete myCString;
    return 0;

 * Returns a new c_string based on the contents of the AnsiString
const char* extractCString(const AnsiString& arg){

     * LOGIC:
     *      // Assume arg.Length() is 4, so length is 5
     *      -Dynamically create a new char* that spans length times sizeof(char) bytes in memory
     *      -For length - 1 (4) iterations, with i being our number for iteration, and repeat process while i < (length - 1) (i < 4), and increment i
     *          -Assign data[i] with the value stored in arg[i]
     *      -Assign a null terminator to the last value to make the last byte of the char array contain a null terminator, making it an official c_string
     *      -return the address of the first byte of the array
    size_t length = arg.Length() + 1; // assign arg.Length() + 1 to variable length
    char* data = new char[length]; // assign address of a contiguous amount of memory this program is allowed to use, to this pointer

    for(size_t i = 0; i < (length - 1); i++) // repeat this process length - 1 times
        data[i] = arg[i]; // assign data[i] to be the value of arg[i]

    data[length - 1] = '\0'; // attach null terminator to last byte
    return data; // return the pointer

I couldn't compile the program because I don't own Turbo C++, nor do I own Borland C++ Builder, but the intent of this program is to encourage you to make your own conversion library for your purposes.