hey guys, i posted a encoding/decoding thread a litle while ago. i've gotten some what far on it, but now i just don't know how to write the most important part. the actual decoding. i need to essentially cut the secret message numbers (22384) and only use the first two numbers to determine the character (22). what statements can i use to 'cut' it? if there are any suggestions on what to use in relation to my code would be fantastic. thanks for your help!

#include <stdio.h>


FILE *csis *fp;


          void getCode(char code[53]);

          int getMessage(int msg[]);

          void sortMessage(int msg[], int msgSize);

          void decodeMessage(char code[53], int msg[], int msgSize);


void main(void){

    int i; char code;


      //Calls methods

      getCode(char code[53]);
	  getMessage(int msg[]);
	  sortMessage(int msg[], int msgSize);
	  decodeMessage(char code[53], int msg[], int msgSize);
	  return 0;

      //....... calls the four methods

}//end main


    void getCode(char code[53]) {

      fopen_s(&fp, "codefile.txt", "r");  
	  int i; char code;

        while (!feof(fp)) //loops file till end

            fscanf_s(fp, "%c\n", &code); //places file contents in i

        for (a[i]= code; i++); //adds i to it self to continue with contents


    int getMessage(int msg[]) {


        fopen_s(&csis, "msgfile.txt", "r");

        int j; char msg;

        while (!feof(csis))

            fscanf_s(csis, "%c\n", &msg);

        for (msg[j]= msg; j++);

    }//end getMessage


    void sortMessage(int msg[], int msgSize) {

        int i, j, temp;


        for (i = 1; i < msgSize; i++) {

            temp = msg[i];

            j = i - 1;

            while (j >= 0 && temp < msg[j];{

                msg[j+1] = msg [j]

                j = j + 1;


        msg[j+i] = temp;

    }//end sortMessage


    void decodeMessage(char code[53], int msg[], int msgSize);

	int i, j;

so i found out how to split my numbers like this

for (int i = 5 - 1; i >= 0; i--){
	array[i] = num % 10;
	num /= 10;
	} return 0;}

but now i need to read each array and for each character in one print out a character in the other array. both are in ascending order. just one for the other.
can anyone help me there?