Hey i am making an exe which is made for handiling vulnerable data
so i wanted to know wheather i could save some data (like name, passwords,etc) inside an exe
because ini files and registry is not very secure.
please help!!!


whats wrong with a text fike or registry? just lcok down the permissions and enable auditing. easy on NT based systems.

Putting it into the executable would be no more secure than a text file: all a prospective password hunter would need to do is search for data known to be near the strings you store and .....

Access control, running your program with specific privileges, and encryption are more commonly used techniques.

It's better to design good encrypt algrithom to protect your password. If you use the orignal text password, it's very easy to be fetched by debug the program directly.

If your vulnerable data are not encrypted it does not matter where you hide passwords or user names...
If data are encrypted then generate dechipher key from a user input - no need to hide anything in that case, let intruder breaks his/her brains...

then suggest me an encription technique with code
actually this is a progect for my midterm & in the summary
that i would have to save the data inside the exe being executed
an i cant change that

Maybe xor encryption?

Depends on what level of security you wish to adopt.

Google it.

Google freeware & legal encription/decryption codes (TEA, AES or what else). Encrypt embedded data with a key generated on the base of the (open) password then print result as initialization list and include it in your code. At run-time decode them with (open) password. Include any kind of CRC before encryption to check dechiphering correctness...

At that moment a hacker catches your program memory ;)...

Xoring is a superlightweight method, may be ultralight, O(nothing) ;)...