Hi, all..

Does anybody have experiencing on store the spoken word into database?
For example, when the program hear the voice spoken by some person, the program can store the spoken word into the database?

The database system use is MySQL.

Anybody have any idea on it?

Why do you want to this?
Either use Java Speech API to analyse what user said if you want to take some action or use javax.sound.midi, javax.sound.midi.spi, javax.sound.sampled and javax.sound.sampled.spi available with Java SE for voice recording and save the file or path to the file in the database

What i want to do is such like the speech recognition. I wish to develop the program is such like speech recognition program.

The program can load the sound from the computer, after loading the sound, then can it translate into text. After translate into text, then can store into the database.

Can share everyone opinion here. I am urgent on develop this project.


As I know, free TTS is speech synthesis, is convert text to speech.

What I want is speech recognition, convert speech to text.

So, are there have any solution to solve the problem??


Would you mind to provide me with the explanation of speech recognition term, what would be features?

The speech recognition is when the program hear the voice, then it will translated into text.

However, as I know freeTTS is speech synthesis, is to convert text into speech.

So, are there any solution to doing this?

Yes, I also search several times about java+ speech recognition. The result also the same,is all about the java speech api. May be the way to do the speech recognition is about this topic.
I also know it would link to freetts. But, the main problem here is whether it is related with speech recognition or not?