when i am using graphic in my program and copy the .exe file in another computer where c++ is not available its return a graphics error(EGAVGA.BGI) is not found. why??
and how can i solve this problem.

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You're using a Borland compiler, which provides a library for graphics, which is not found on the destination computer.

Check your compiler options for linking in the graphics features.

Use BGIOBJ utility to convert BGI drivers and fonts to obj files and link them with your program. Read UTIL.DOC help file.
BGIOBJ and UTILL.DOC files are in the TC installation directory.


I m using TurboC++.
my problem is that when i make a program and copy the .exe file into another pc and try to run the program is giving me a graphics error.

The destination PC haven't a turboC++.

As we know the .exe file not required the same environment where they r run. then why this problem occur.
And how i solve this problem.

[ R can u tell me how to make setup or package in C++. ]

with regard,

I will read it first then i will tell u.

with regard,

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