Hello All,
I was thinking of making MP3 Encoder. This is because I cannot find Exact encoder so I was finding some bindings for Lame Mp3 encoder and CD extractor/any cd to wav Library

Thanks all

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Was this supposed to be a question or just you telling us what your next project is?

No, I'm asking for anyone who knows the bindings of the Lame encoding engine for python i.e. Lame_enc.dll. I have seen pylame and I'll give a try though it seems to be like dead project (Last update for pylame 2006)

Just wanted that! If anyone knows another thing which do the same job in python, I'll appreciate

I hope I have clarified something!

Ok, does anyone knows another MP3 encoder that works with python??

Since No answer, I assume no body here can help

I have made new thread asking same question in new way

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