Ok here is my problem ive got no code as not sure were to start java is a mare for me im not sure im undersatdning it very well.

problem: Times Table Tester

2 rand numbers between 1 and 12 displayed on screen 2?3=6
the operator is also calculated using a rand# between 1/4 but is hidden to to game player using ?
the aim is to guess the operator in the shortest time (obtained via a system clock)
time to get the answer is displayed

so my question for this is were do i start?
What is a system clock?
from what ive read and understood the clock is like a timer that counts down to show how fast you got the result/answer to problem also the operator seems to be asking the question what is 2x3= when i answer 6 the timer stops and shows me the result of how fast i got answer.

So as u see in lamens terms i know it in spoken english just java i cant seem to put it down or more to point know were to start with it or find timer im using eclipse if that helps TY for any input info it will be much appreciated from a total new comer to all this.

PS Im not asking for people to do this project for me although it would be nice :) im just asking for some info and pointers in the right direction i need to learn and to learn im in need of the help of people who are my peers in this subject.

start with the easy parts, which would be the printing of random numbers and random choosing the operator.

I'd leave the functions for the System Clock for last