i am new to java, i am writing this program so where when the user inputs RGB values the resultant colour should be displayed on a frame. (note that you cann't use the color class in java)

1.) i have successfully completed coding for where the user inputs the RGB values and it works perfectly.

what i want to do is, how to display the colour that corresponds to this 3 RGB values ...

for example , if we input (223,70,98) as for RGB , the corresponding colour should be displayed... can your'l do me a sample code so that i could understand the scenario ..

help !!!! :(

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Any chance of you being student at University of Westminster in your second year doing 1st coursework?

Your right !


All what John wants is just you to re-create Color class, but call it Colour as not to clash with original class. The exercise aims for you to show your understanding the concepts of creating new classes through variety of constructors as described per assignment. With set of accessors and setters methods to manipulate values stored by this class.

Notes for teaching week 3,4 & 5 is exactly what you will need it. If you want to pop in the library Deitel's book Java How to Program (6th Ed) and chapter 3 is again useful material to look into. So apply John's notes of dice to your assignment and you will do just fine

PS: The program is not GUI, you may learn about GUIs in the Event-Driven Programming module in second semester;)

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it's a small world after all

but is there a way that i could view the implementation of the class color . could some one please advice me on this

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