I have a python script which uses a COM object. This script works correctly when I run it from pywin, however, it does not run when I run it from windows command line - it throws an exception occurred in this COM object.
I know that this COM obj. exception is also thrown when call is made from C++ code, but this can be avoided when some specific resource is added to C++ project (after project rebuild it works).
I don't know how to achieve the same effect (as with C++ solution) with python and also I don't know what pywin is doing differently so that this code works there.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Can you provide some code to demonstrate the problem? It will be much easier to understand the problem

This is the code, very short and simple, exception occurs in login.ValidateUser(). When I run this in pythonwin, process id is printed in interactive window, so it works as expected.

import win32com.client

login = win32com.client.Dispatch("ACDB.Login")
login.ApplicationName = "whatever"
login.Version = "1.0"
print login.ProcessID

Can you also post the traceback of the exception?

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