Hello all, greetings!
I'm python guy and I want to access Lame encoder from python. The big problem is I cannot find suitable lame bindings. After loooong googling and metacrawling, I found py-lame. The problem is, when I try to compile it in codeblocks, python.h is missing. I don't know what to do for now. Even if it worked I don't know how to make python module

Help Please!!!

if you have python installed (which I'm assuming you have) the python.h file would be in your pyhton25\include directory.

I've never used code::blocks, so I can't tell you exactly how; but you should add the python\include directory to your project as an additional include directory.
Or if that isn't possible wih code-blocks, just tell you compiler that you have an additional file to be included.
Since I don't know what compiler you're using, I can't tell you how.

Ok I have got also Visual C++ 2005 edition but very very newbie to C++ and I know little about C++. The thing I want is to Get python module that will enable me access Lame functions in Python

Thanks for your answers
Hope someone will help me further!

If you want to use the Lame functions in Python, what are you using C++ for ??
Just start idle (or whatever IDE your using) and type:

import lame

But I have no lame module installed and have tried to serach for it but no success! Do you know a place I can download?

Thanks again for your help!!

I have downloaded that zip file but don't know how to set it up to make it work with python!

Help please!!

If some one can help me on this, really i will be grateful guys. Thanks!

I assume no one can answer and even help me. Only one guy!

Thanks anyway

I assume no one can answer and even help me. Only one guy!

Thanks anyway

That's probably because you post a python question in a C++ forum. You should ask your question in the python forum