I have set up a basic HTTP server, using code similar to that on http://fragments.turtlemeat.com/pythonwebserver.php. I have created a BaseHTTPRequestHandler, and modified the do_GET function.

This server is linked to a FLEX GUI, which requires a crossdomain.xml file in order to get data from another domain. If the server is on another domain, FLEX makes a GET request for the crossdomain.xml file first, and sends another GET request with the required query.

What happens in my case is that these two GET requests are seen as one by the server. Instead of seeing:
/crossdomain.xml [First]
/?serviceProviders=true [Second]

The self.path looks like: /?serviceProviders=true/crossdomain.xml

I don't do anything fancy in my do_GET function, I get the query and return a string base on the query. I am not sure why python does not see two requests. I am guessing maybe the requests get passed into a buffer, and if the requests come too close together, then the buffer gets appended with the new query.

I have tried running multiple threads of the BaseHTTPServer. It did not help.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you,

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