int numOfMonths = numOfYears * 12;
	float monthlyRepayments;
	float actualRate = (rate/100)/12;
	//monthlyRepayments = (borrowAmount*(pow((1+actualRate),numOfMonths))*actualRate)/((pow((1+actualRate),numOfMonths))-1);
	monthlyRepayments = (100000 * (pow((1+actualRate),180) * actualRate))/((pow((1+actualRate),180))-1);

Ok this is the actual equation:

btw A1 =0.06/12

So the commented line is original one I tried, didn't work. So I tried just putting numbers in rather than bringing them in through the function, didn't work.

If I cout << monthlyRepayments it displays this (for both): -1.#IND

Which is what the eh?

I've solved it.

actualRate = (rate/100)/12

Rate was set to an int, so actualRate was just set to 0 as the equation made it equal to 0.005, which obviously in int terms is0.

However theres no way to delete the thread. So solved it is.

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