Does anyone know how to convert an instance to unicode?
I understand how to convert a string into unicode format

u=unicode(s, 'ASCII', ignore), however this assumes that s is already a string and converting s by the str(s) method will kick back an error if s contains unicode unfriendly.
The strings I'm processing are 'instances' and the process works fine until the instance contains a character outside of the normal 128 character range. I found this link that I think is closely related. Does anyone have any experience with this?

the following is a function within a 'worddocument' class. It basically parses tables in word documents.

def GetTables(self):
        doc =[0]
        tables = []
        for word_table in doc.Tables:
            rows = []
            for word_row in word_table.Rows:
                yield(word_row)#cannot convert to unicode

anyone know how to convert this to unicode. Its type is instance. Converting it to string will raise an error

anyone know anything about encoding. The actual character that is throwing the error is a 1/2 symbol. Could I do

x='some string'
for each_letter in x:
               each_letter.encode(#what goes here?)
                     #some other encoding format??