So here's my question. I'm new to python and am near lost. I've been through a few tutorials and still don't feel confident. Sure I can do whatever the tutorials say, but it's a different story when I do the whole thing myself.

Here's what I would like to do just to start:
I want to make two related websites. The first page will have a list of names that are numbered. Once a name is clicked on it will bring me to the second page where it will have information on that person (four columns: ID, phone number, hobbies and anything else).

This HAS TO BE easy. With python being recommended so highly to me on pure ease of use, why can I not figure this out?!

Any/all help is appreciated!

So what does your initial code look like?
What error messages are you getting?

I fixed this problem. Here's the error message I was receiving when I did runserver, validate, etc.

C:\website\IT> runserver
Validating models...
File "C:\website\IT\..\IT\packages\", line 5, in Category
topic = models.ForeignKey(Package, related_name="categories")
NameError: name 'Package' is not defined


The problem I'm having is figuring out how everything relates. By that I mean it seems like the files from my main folder (manage, settings urls, views) pull and receive from the files inside my 'packages' folder. If that's not very clear I!

thx guys....