i think they made a program mickey mouse using turbo c..in the last previous i read.
can u pls look what nick says on the previous page he says that download the attachment and save on c:drive means that he made a mickey mouse program..and that was im trying to look that program hope u help me.

thanks for ur reply adak..

He made a program to display a single picture of micky mouse, that you can see in the earlier part of this thread.

It was just a joke reply to the OP. The only program with animation was the one with the primitive looking car, right near the last post in the original thread.

If you're looking for an animation program specifically, look at the one with the car, and then start a new thread with what you want.

This old a thread, is not going to get much attention, imo. You're already on page 4, and you've really not gotten started on anything of your program, yet.

I will not be posting to this thread, in the future.