Hey I am trying to teach myself C++ and i am having trouble with a measurement converter I am pretty sure my problem is in the line

Yards = Meters * 1.094;

but i don't know how else to write it, this is my code:

#include <iostream>
namespace std;

int main()
	cout << "welcome to my measurement converter.";
	cout << "This converter will convert meters to yards.\n";
	cout << "Enter the number of meters.\n";
	int Meters;
	int Yards;
	cin >> Meters;
	Yards = Meters * 1.094;
	cout << Meters << " meters is equal to " << Yards << " yards";
	return 0;

Your help would be greatly appreciated

2 things.
Change : namespace std; to using namespace std; . Your code shouldn't compile without changing it.

then change:

int Meters;
int Yards;


double Meters;
double Yards;

Int can only be integer values So: 1, 4 , 300, 5632 etc etc.
But you need some digits after the comma, so you need the double data-type

The mistake is that you are using integers (the set 0,1,2,3 and -1 etc)
to represent floating point number. int a=2*1.2; gives sets a to 2.


double Meters;
double Yards;

instead of the two int declarations.

Thanks for the help niek_e and StuXYZ it works perfectly now and i cant believe i forgot to put using before namespace.

Hey I Use Visual 2008 C++ Express and i don't know how to link this code to a GUI so that when i type the number of meters into a text box and press a button it will return the answer in a second text box. If you know of a tutorial on GUI's i could use it would be great.


Hey I have decided that a GUI is to Advanced for me to try at the moment and am going to keep reading my book.