can somebody help an old man?
I started to study Python and I'm OK with IDLE. But I cannot understand how to use it as a server language with my local server Xitami (that I use very well with PHP).
Please help me: I need very clear instructions
Thank you, greetings from our beautiful Italy

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Assuming that the server belongs to your ISP, you want to first ask them if Python is supported. It usually is, and they probably have some examples of the types of things they allow. Unlike using IDLE, the program file would be run from the command line or another program and how you do that would depend in part on which operating system you are using. This is the web programming page on the Python Wiki (and may be more than you want right now)

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thanks woooee, Xitami runs locally on my PC (Windows XP). It has been correctly set for Python. I know that I should use lrwp, but I don't know how to do it. When I call my program in python from my browser (http://localhost/ I can't get the HTML code in my browser, even if I import module.

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