I am trying to write a program that will monitor my routers and servers and notify me when they go down. I am looking for a way to ping the host and read the reply. The InetAddress.isReachable method is the only thing i could find but it uses the echo port which windows has it off by default. i am looking for something generic that i can use on diffrent platforms. Windows, Linux, Cisco OS.

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Take a look at the Runtime class. You can use its exec method to run a ping and the resulting Process has methods to allow you to obtain the I/O/E streams. This allows you to interpret the results of your ping, but note that there are differences in the ping implementation in Windows and Linux (not sure about Cisco OS sorry).

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Runtime() has private access in java.lang.Runtime
Runtime r = new Runtime();

why am i getting this error?


As an aside, if you want to limit people to only use one instance of your class in an application, you can do something like this:

public class myClass {

  private static myClass instance = null;

  private myClass()
    // do something when creating the instance

  public static myClass getInstance()
    if( instance == null )
      instance = new myClass();
    return instance;

The Runtime class does something similar in order to limit the number of instances of Runtime objects to one.

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