Hello everyone, I really want to know what should I do first in making games using c++. We all know that c++ is the most widely used programming language in making games. But, there is still things which are not clear to me as of now.

I'm still a newbie and I know that c++ is not the only programming language that you will use in making games, there are still another software that you might use to make that dream possible.

Please, everyone I really wanted to know... please, I know all of you are far more knowledgeable than myself. I know you've got answers in there...:?:

You start with a dream and go from there. Some people prefer to jump off the high dive into deep water and learn how to swim or die trying. Others take the more sensible route and start from the beginning before getting in over their heads. I'd suggest the latter route. If you aren't familiar with programming at all learn how to handle the console with loops, the common containers and algorithms, etc. Then you can branch out to graphics using whichever graphics program you want: OpenGL, DirectX, whatever. If you have the knowledge base behind the graphics programs then you don't have to learn the background information at the same time you learn the graphics algorithms, etc.

What's the question???

Do you even know how to program in C++? That would be the first step towards doing anything.

I've studied c++ basics, like looping, conditioning, making functions and function calling and other things(basics) and I've solve a couple of mind twisting problems and I've gladly made it and have arranged my logic towards programming but there are still things lacking inside, many things lacked.

I also wondered how to make a front end programs, whacha call that? middle end? is it? Because I think that's also a part of creating games... If you could just help me... but anyway, I really thank you all for replying...

Well if you know basics, then you could try out SDKs like SDL, Allegro, whatever, or try looking for game engines that have things like renders, scene loaders, event handling and such already made so you can spend more time on your games actual development.

I thank you... thanks for the valuable information... I hope we could share more information in the future... constantly...

Try darkGDK, it's free and very easy to use. Google it.

Yeah, dont dive right in with 3d games. Space invaders / asteroids is a very challenging product but a good one to get started with. You any good at maths?