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Is OXYGEN better or ALTOVA XML SPY? Or, other?

What is your actual need?

OXYGEN Editor, Altova XML SPY all are good.

There is one more software present in market i.e. Arbortext.

Arbortext can fulfill your PDF generation as well as xml creation ideas very strongly. For styling your elements and get output in html, htmlhelp, pdf, xml "Arbortext" is very good.

Just think about your need and try all above mentioned and proceed further.

Mahesh :)


Do OXYGEN Editor and Altova XML SPY generate PDF?

I think :-
1] OXYGEN Editor has the power to produce the PDF.
2] ALTOVA XML SPY not know.
3] Arbortext has the power to generate the PDF.

Mahesh :)


I agree that it is important to examine what you are trying to do with XML. XMLSpy is available in three different versions that offer different capabilities depending on your needs.

Can you explain more about what you need? Somehow the question got focused on PDF generation, and a little more input is needed there!

If you are looking for PDF generation from XML though, you might want to take a look at Altova's graphical stylesheet designer, StyleVision. This lets you generate XML or database content in HTML, RTF, PDF, and OOXML based on a single stylesheet that you create visually - using drag and drop, right click, entry helpers, etc. The XSLT and XSL:FO code is written behind the scenes and the resulting documents can be viewed at any time during the design process.


I have downloaded Altova. It looks fine. Validation, automated xml, xsd etc. generations. I haven't checked if for PDF yet. Not to important though. I look into it later on.
thanks guys.

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