Hey folks,
I have a question for you. I have 4 computers that use a particular program that requires a login. But i only have 2 accounts. I have a command that works via batch file that launches the program and logs in but i dont know how to specify what account will be used. I will explain in pseudo code.

lets say the accounts are:

and the passwords are the same.

This would be on the computer

count = 1;
while(computer has not found false line)
[INDENT]if (first Line of serverFile == false)
then set the first line to 'true' and set the account to "account+count"
increment count

then on a server there would be a txt or ini file...whatever works with a list

REM This file holds true false statements if accounts are in use if they are true they are in use.
false //this line represents account one
false //this line represents account two

So is this possible? If so can anyone guide me towards a website that could help me out with this?

Thanks PO!


I have read your post a number of times and I am not clear what you are trying to achieve, so a few questions and hopefully I might have a solution.

Are you saying you can only run an application on two PC's simoultaneously and therefore you wish to control the use of the application ?

Are all 4 PC's linked to a server ?

What operating system are PC's (and server running) ?


Hey Denis,
I actually figured out a much better way of doing this, I wrote java program to do it for me.

Thanks! (And sorry for not marking post as solved I forgot I made this one)

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