Anyone who have experience or any prior knowledge in Image processing (especially using C) please help me..I am looking forward
to do a project on 'Video Indexing Using Text Extraction'. I do believe that it can be done by using 'Text Extraction from Images' concept.If anyone have some code for image processing please tell me.
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Well, that would be part of YOUR project, yes? To write some image processing code for text extraction?
Better get to searching for some resources on that, because I don't think anyone here will just hand you the code for it.

(There are a ton of image processing libraries to be found on the 'net if you take the time to look for them).


Not Actually I am actually an amateur in this field....
I thot dat if I got the source code for 'Text Extraction From Images' (It need not provide the accurate result) I can modify it and use the same..

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