I know the general answer would be a Programmer, But more specificlly what types of jobs would you program for? What fields benifit from C++ programmers ?

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virtually all software development jobs as a large % of code is in C or C++

90% of games are coded in C++, as is the vast majority of operating systems, and quite a lot of opensource software.

C is a very versitile language.

I hear my friends say that I am wasting my time taking c++ and I should learn Visual Basic insted. Is VB more sought after than c++ or is it just what the job requires and I should learn both?

That depends on your interest .

C++ is in object oriented system and used in various domain. A programmer can work with any language its not specific, what matters is your logic and your interest.

Best of luck.

any project developed in unix/solaris/windows ,C++/VC++ is first choice , for embedded system C is used in place of C++.

You will have far better job prospects and better programming style if you learn C++

But VB is good for beginners to learn, its syntax is slightly simpler

Alrighty thanks for all of the input, Im still learning C++ we just finished strings, I may take another c++ class next semester as well a VB class if can.

on another note , I thought that this class I am taking now we would have learned how to make forms, we never got around to that and my semester is over as of today. Are there any good online sources you all would recommend for a beginner?


c++ forms are quite complex

they are never covered in the first semester

Are there any good online sources you all would recommend for a beginner?


The following site is good, but of course won't cover much.
I personally learn only from the internet, and make programs for fun and complex calculations. Whenever I want to do something I don't know how, I look over the internet for it. "Google is your friend" :)

So i have started studying c++ ,can anyone tell me what kind of jobs can i get with c++
knowledge.I want to work in an ecommerce company, what kind of job can i do in an ecommerce company.


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