Hello there, I've been busy nowadays with file manipulation and I've so far I've encountered a small problem in appending the contents of a file to another file. This is what I did:

string filename = @"C:\Temp.txt";
string body = null;
StreamReader sr = File.OpenText(files); 
body = sr.ReadToEnd();
StreamWriter sw = File.Create(filename);

sr = File.OpenText(files2);
body = sr.ReadToEnd();
File.AppendAllText(filename, body);


It seems that I can't append the content of files2 to my Temp.txt file after placing the contents of files. Please help. Thanks.

Why not just do the writeline of body you read from the second file?

Thanks for the reply Ma'am. Will it still append?

Hello again, it seems it is working. I will try it with more than two text files. Thank you.