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What is food? What is water? What are the advantages of eating food and drinking water...?

At least make an attempt at understanding things before posting obvious questions whose answers can be easily found out using search engine of your choice.

Let's say that putting a bit of effort on your part and trying to understand things on your own is the first step towards enlightenment, my young padawan.


1. An abstract method is a method that is declared without an implementation,also the abstract method is very useful for design pattern like factory and any class contains this method is abstract class.
For example, java.net.SocketImpl is an abstract class. It is used to create both client and server sockets.
2. static method:Static means one per class and not for each object you can use them without creating an instance of a class.
For example java.lang.Math, this class has all static fields and methods. Also a singleton class uses static method is very useful for resource pools (database connection,etc.....).



people who find this query very obvious and basic,please don't respond.Please don't make personal attacks.


There are no personal attacks, as far I can see s.o.s and Ezzaral stated obvious they you lack any interest in personal development as you just forsaken basic search of available resources of Sun for example (abstract and static) plus many others


> people who find this query very obvious and basic,please don't
> respond.Please don't make personal attacks.

You are too oblivious to realize that you never asked a query; it was a request for someone else to do your homework. Nowhere in your post have you shown any traces of having put any effort to solve the problem at hand.

And BTW, dear `Ninad16', don't PM me telling me what I should and shouldn't do. You can't tell someone to *not* reply to your threads as long as they replies follow the forum rules and stay on topic. And yes, I felt a need to chastise an *obvious* question since you were violating a forum rule and I felt it necessary to put you on track. Read the forum announcements.

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