Hi, I'm a new to JAVA Developing and I just found one package that I can't decode it in any way that i know.

the package is called net.roydesign.app.
My question is
1. What is this package used for?
2. Where can I get this package?

Thank you

You have stated that you have already found that package than why again do you want to find the same package ?
Also you can get information about the package, it's use and an optional API doc specifying the usage of the library it offers from the same place you got the package. If all this is not mentioned there, I don't think anyone here can be of much help to you since this information can be achieved only from the source, unless ofcourse you have the source code for it in which case I think you should be able to figure out what it does and how to use it.

I think I mistakenly write that I already get the package. I got a source code that contain import roy design packages.

That is why I asked you where can i get the package. Sorry for the misinformation.