My applet runs fine when it's in the same directory as the html, but when I put it in another directory, Java console says it can't find the file.
When I copy-paste into my browser the address I'm specifying for 'code' in my applet tag, it finds the file without problems.


Paste the code of the HTML file which is using your Applet, So we can see whats going on.

Sorry for the delayed reply, but I would like to point out that the "code" attribute of the "<applet>" tag can only take a relative URL and not an absolute one.

To be able to use the applet mentioned in the URL, you will need to use the "codebase" attribute of the "<applet>" tag, shown below:-

<applet width=450 height=300 codebase="http://.../" code="applet_maxr.class">

You can learn more about them here.