OK, i recently got a few books on OpenGL, i also got Microsoft flight sim x, and a nice logitech joystick to use with it. so i want to try to figure out how to make OpenGL take input from the joystick.

i haven't read much of the books yet so no rush and i probably will come across some stuff on it, but i want to know how to get input from the main joystick, which also has Z axis rotation, the hat stick, and all the buttons (12 including the trigger) right now i just want to know if it is possible to get all this in OpenGL.

since it will probably be OS specific, i want to work on a Windows Vista. I will likely also be using Dev-C++, but maybe VS 2008 if i can manage to get OpenGL to work with it.

when i do come to actually attempting to make something work i'll probably be back to ask more.

You will likely have to use DirectInput. It provides a *sort of* simple api for dealing with any kind of input device imaginable. Sort of.

ok, i'll look into that, i was hoping that OpenGL, GLU, or GLUT would have something for it, it might, but i doubt it

Nope, sorry. The GL stands for Graphics Layer, so they didn't include input, sounds, or any of that other good stuff. I'm sure there's other good api's for input, as microsoft can be a b**** to work with. In that case, google is your friend :P