Guys, I'm in need for a java jar named tidalwave and drew. Is there someone who can tell me where can I find this jar?

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Have you Googled it already ? If not it would be worthwhile doing it. BTW a google search for "tidalwave java package" lists only ine such : 'it.tidalwave' Is it the one you are looking for ? If not specify the full package name. Do the same for the other package (Google it)


For TidalWave you need to browse this website as the group is working on various project and I have no idea which exact JAR you want.
For drew it will be this site as it is linked with TidalWave

PS: Seriously you should do this simple searches for your self as I do not know what sort of libraries you need and secondly you seems to have some background or code which tell you to import some packages which is far easier to search then simple words as "drew" that can have numerous meanings beside being title of thousands stupid photos over internet

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