Is it documented?
Or have you heard anything?

just curious...

thanks :)

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You would need to ask Sun for such info.
They do not need to go public like Microsoft and 9year old girl.

hmmm, Im 18 years old and i just purchased SCJP voucher. Im the youngest in my town. LOL :P .. just kidding.

Im also interested to know, please share your experiences with us.


Alright curiosity is one reason, but beyond that I would like to know the point of such question not that I am against asking of it or something like that, but I just want to know the reason.
Is it that you have already got the certificate and want to whether you are the youngest in doing so, if yes, I would rather tell you "don't worry mate, you have alreayd done good , don't worry whether you are the youngest in doing so". If not that, and if you are planning to get the certificate and want to know whether you'd be the youngest to do it, I suggest you should do it anyways, it won't harm you even if you are the oldest person doing it.
Just expressing my views here.

Also I would like to ask another statistical question here wile this is going : Anyone knows the youngest person to get an SCJP coupon and then did not get time enough to prepare for it while the coupon expired ?" Well I was 25 when that happened to me.

Yah I was just curious. I already got the SCJA certification, and I wanted to know where I fall in the pool of SCJA certified people (relative to everyone's age). But I guess Sun doesnt publishish the date. I called, and they said the youngest they heard of was 17, but they don't keep track.
I'm 16.

hey congrats man, good to hear that, you might be the youngest, but as I said in my earlier post don't worry too much about that.
I am 26 with no SCJA in front of my name so for me it's far far better. ;-)

Hey.. I passed my SCJA Exam Yesterday and my age is 15 :)
even i neeed some info :/

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