Hi! I am new at documenting my system and I hope someone can shed some light on me regarding classes...I don't really know how to build classes...

this is the scenario of my system...It is an online syllabus system wherein the user can download the syllabus freely...

The system will start by selecting the subject that the user wants to see. Then, the system will show the result and the user will download his/her preferred syllabus.

In total there are 4 account type: User/anyone who wants to download, teacher(They are the one uploading the file), moderator(the one approving/editing the uploaded file by the teacher and the admin who will add/delete/edit user.

I've thought that User, teacher, moderator and admin are all classes. I also think that a syllabus file is another class but whatelse can be class?

Please help me and advance thank you to those who will help...

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