I have created a dialog based window gui with a progress bar, browse cd, and extra misc. push buttons for linking to an exe file. So far everything compiles and runs fine, however I am a absolute beginner at any kind of programming and have know clue as to implement an exe execution to my push buttons. My main goal was to create a autostart setup launcher that would install exe files contained on my cd by clicking the appropriate pushbutton as well as the option to browse the cd hence "the browse cd button" all through one interface. As I said I am very new to programming so alot of things are quite confusing to me. Any help you guys could give would be great. I am running XP-SP1 & using a free C++ program Lcc-win32. I have searched the forums and looked through the code snippets but found not enough help to guide me. I am not a student but merely trying to learn small things on my own. But I do understand your homework rules.