Dear Friends

I have working knowledge of java. but when it comes to make a java projects i don't know how to proceed. will any one help by guiding me or by providing me some tutorials to make my first project in java.
i am unable to visualize a solution. i don't understand what to do and how to start. plz plz plz guide me.

When you say you have working knowledge of Java I assume you have written enough programs in the langauge. Since you say you are not able to make the next step, picture it this way, a project is nothing but an extension of programs, it is essentially a collection of programs that you may have written at the basic level. Say for example if you have written programs for queues, stacks, linked lists etc a project of say implementing a print spooler might need you to use the queue with that it might also need you to perform some I/O which you might have learnt in simple programs like Console priting/reading and File reading/writing it might also need of you to do some tasks simultaneously as there might me many users of the printer wherein you would require the knowlegde gathered with programs of threads etc in this way a whole lot of basic programs interacting with each other collectively form a project.

Now for the project idea part, you could yourself devise a project of your own in which you might want to make use of all or some of the programs written by you till date. If you aren't able to figure it out yourself still, I suggest you search this forum for similar threads since this question has really been asked a lot and you would certainly get an idea for your project out of it.