I want to construct a bipartite Graph for matchmaking of web services. First step of my project is graph construction. I need help in Bipartite graph construction

Show the section in which you need help, post your code.

I am a M.E. Student. I have selected topic semantic web services discovery as my research project. In discovery, for matchmaking I have to construct Bipartite Graph in Java. For web services description owl-s is used. For that Jena framework is to be used. For representing domain knowledge owl is used. That is next step. Right now I need help in constructing Bipartite Graph which take input as
web services advt: input variables and output variables.
web services request:input variables and output variables.
An Advertisement and a Query (EXACT )match if their Outputs and Inputs, both, match.

An advertisement A matches a request R when all the outputs of R are matched by the outputs of A, and all the inputs of A are matched by the inputs of R

There are 4 types of match
EXACT If outR is equivalent to outA,or If outR is a direct
subclass of outA
PLUGIN If outA subsumes outR
SUBSUMES If outR subsumes outA
FAIL None Of the Above

After Bipartite Graph construction I need to write a program to find degree of match of advt and req.

So post your current code and explain exactly what you are having trouble with, as you were told above. This is not a "code by request" forum.