Hi guys i was wondering how it would be possible to make a button enable when i chose an item from within a combobox??

this is in the C# language that is!

Well, then ok i was able to get that to work myself!

Now i have a another problem. I want a label to show the words "Processing..." when i click the button to encrypt. The only problem is i think the program does not respond during that time and it never shows those words.
i put
label10.Text= "Processing...";
write after the button_Click
but the label never changes from what it usually is.
Is there a way to pause the program at some little moment to be able to show the changes and then continue encrypting?
and for all that don't know the program is in c#

Thanks n advance guys! Hope you can help me out!

A good place to start since it seems you aren't running you encryption routine on a separate thread, would be to add:


You would add that into your encryption loop. That will cause windows to process any messages waiting in the message queue. You are using enough resources that the message waits until windows has enough "time" to allow for your request to change the label.

I would definitely recommend running the encryption process in a second thread however. This will allow you the most flexibility.

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Well, then ok i was able to get that to work myself!

Just a suggestion... When you figure out a solution to your problem, it's a good idea to quickly describe your solution. You'd be surprised how many people will come across your post in a google search, and will be disappointed that the solution wasn't even described. Take me, for example. :-)


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