Hey guys im making a simple program. I have a while loop that continues while the bool quit ! = true. I am trying to test that in a statement like this:

String userdecision = "";

while (quit!=true){ //start while

 System.out.print("Would you like to continue with another transaction?");

        if (userdecision=="no"){
            quit = true;

} //end while loop

There is something going wrong. I think it's the part i put in bold. I don't think i have the right syntax for getting the users input and then breaking out of the program. I have all the java utils imported into the project and i am using scanner to get the input from the user. Can anybody help me with the right syntax for this. THanks.

Simply run an infinite while loop, wait for user input, process that input and make your decision accordingly.

// create Scanner etc.
while(true) {
  if(in.hasNext()) {
    String str = in.next();
    if(str == null || str.trim().equals("no")) {
      System.out.println("Thank you");
      System.exit(0); // or break;