hello friends,
as a semester project i have to make a voice chat application. But i am confused how to proceed.Can somebody provide me some help and guide me regarding capturing sound from microphone , after capturing which compressiong methods to use , then which tcp/udp to send packets ?
I have come to know about SIP/RSTP etc protocols. How to use them in my application
I know C/C++ language and will preferably work on linux system.

I am working on a project like that
my project is to develop voip system using (SIP) signaling system
I have finished the audio part and some of the servers & clients

the basic idea is to capture the sound first then put it in a memory
then establish aconnection then send it.
if you want a simple code in C and GTK+ for linux (as iam working now)
send me email :<snikpped>

and i will help you INSHAA ALLAH

> A simple voice chat program is just a program which sends sound over a network from one side to another side so I guess you'll probably need at least two things:
>>> A network library
>>> A library which deals with sound

the capture from mic under linux

you need to know the audio basics

sampel size sample rate channels (mono/sterio)
then call the sound system to capture the sound in a spacific memory buffer

for SIP side of your project :

sip is only the mechanism that help to connect and establish the connection and later terminate it

sip is not aconnecting protocol

sip is like HTTP (an ascii or string based signaling system)
all you need is data structure knowledge and you can make a program that parse the sip request and know what to do for it

I am also working on a same project now... using RTP protocol.. i am using JRTP libs (http://research.edm.uhasselt.be/jori/jrtplib/documentation/index.html) for this... I could able to do the communication.

But when i tried to send test.wav file(recorded voice file-- i send this as a buffer for tesing) and play in receiver it is gave me high frequency sound. i could hear something like a murmur...

I didnt do any voice compression.. is this prob wil be solved if i do any compression.. plz give ur suggetions..

Make it over IP using VOIP protocol :D .

Make it over IP using VOIP protocol :D .

RTP is actully built over IP/UDP.. commmunication part is working fine for me. i am struggling to transmit voice data and play tht properly in the receiver side..