i am new to .net

i need to refer the external file to my C# object


i wrote the one program like

class program
        public string getname(string name)
      return name;

the next program

class test
like that

in the second program i need to refer the first program functions.
how is it possible.
( i m using using firstprogram name
but i got error in compile time that name not available.)
if u know please share ur ideas........

You can add the first project to the solution in the second project and then add the second project as a reference to the first.

Then add

using FirstProjectNamespace;

to the headers of the second....

hi boss,

i am new to .net area.

i do't do how to add the first project to solution in next project.

please share u r full idea about that.

i searched in google still i am not getting clear idea.


Right click on the solution (top of solution explorer, right side of window), click add exisitng project, select the project file, and there ou go.

If your still stuck after that, come back

hi boss.

thank you, i worked with them..

thanks for you help......