I would like to have a singleton class along the lines of the Meyer's Singleton but which is private to a single thread. The singleton should automatically destroy itself when the thread dies.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Make the Singleton a member of your thread class

From the Design Patterns book (Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides):

Ensure a class has only one instance, and provide a global point of access to it.

As a singleton is globally unique, I assume that what you require would simply be an instance of your object inside the thread class (that isn't based on the Singleton design pattern).


I would like the class to have only one instance per thread.
There should be a global access to this instance within the thread.


The Singleton object instance is globally unique for the class you are making a Singleton.

By nature it had a single instance per application.

You would have to create several duplicate objects to achieve what I think you're after.

You could however have multiple objects stored in a static map within your "Singleton" and access these via some sort of thread ID.
For example:

class SingletonClass
    static void CreateInstance( unsigned int uiThreadID );
    static SingletonClass* Instance( unsigned int uiThreadID );
    static void DestroyInstance( unsigned int uiThreadID);

    // other stuffs...

    static std::map<unsigned int, SingletonClass*> m_smSingletonMap;

    // other stuffs...


However, you'd need to create and kill the object manually on thread creation and death respectively.

I still think you'd be better served by a single object instance as part of your thread class.


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